Dust Mop Holder

Product reference number:5341A

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet Foldable metal dust mop holder with blue plastic joint 40 cm

Applications It can be used with relative dust mop heads, both with pockets and strings

Related Resources

* Foldable holder with plastic joint * Its articulated joint allows a 360° performance * Thanks to the metal plate, the arches are adjustable in lenght in case of possible cotton shrinkage of the mop head * The universal screw allows the use of any kind of handle with a diameter from 20 to 24 mm. * Available in the sizes 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cmy

Technical Data

Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 40
Brut weight (Kg) 8,986
Net weight (Kg) 0,340
Pcs per box 25 pcs per box
Box volume 0,033

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