Intercare Coatings

Once again The Group’s pioneering spirit created a demand for this product. Hitherto regarded only as alternative protection to anodized aluminum,  Polyester Powder Paint as an Architectural Finish,  was launched in the Arabian Gulf markets by Intercare in 1986.

It succeeded to the degree that, today, the demand for the anodized metal is approximately 5% of the total – a radical turnaround from the position in the mid-1980’s where Architectural Finish Polyester Paint represented only 5% of this same total, although much greater volumes of Architectural finishes are now being supplied.

Intercare was the only Custom Coater in Powder Paint in 1986. By 1995, with some 20 competitors in the market place, Intercare still laid claim to over 60% of the Architectural Finish coating Market. An accomplishment most particularly to the U.A.E with innovation into high-performance PVDF coatings, Intercare Coatings is still the market leader.

Not only is the Group a major player in the field of Powder Paints, it’s Wet Coating Division also performs a significant role in Decorative and Anti-corrosion Coatings.

At this time, new Paint Technologies, are coming in to play, and the Intercare Group maintains a constant update on its systems as well as being conscious of the requirements of the market.


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