Intercare Group partners with Sharjah Municipality

Intercare Group partners with Sharjah Municipality to keep the Emirate “smiling”.

Sharjah, 27 November 2007: Sharjah Municipality whose official slogan is “Smile you are in Sharjah” recently welcomed the Intercare Group as its partner in enhancing the cleanliness of the Emirate. On 27th November, Intercare formally handed over the initial phase of sixteen, 9 and 12-ton mechanical suction street sweepers and street washers to Sharjah Municipality, whose demanding specifications were met by Intercare’s principal,  Dulevo of Italy.

This first phase of the delivery will permit Sharjah Municipality’s Waste Section to provide the most efficient way of cleaning the streets of the Emirate, without creating dust, and preventing danger to pedestrians and drivers alike. In addition, the mechanical suction street sweepers are quiet and easy to drive.

Intercare, which has been present in the UAE and the Region since 1974, is a reputed company that enjoys the confidence of its Municipal partners. The Group specializes in cleaning sciences and waste management and is a founding member of the Environmental Group. The choice to partner with Intercare was a simple one:  the company could deliver the solution that the Municipality was looking for.

Together the two partnered in the same vision: to bring cleanliness, and an ability to better manage waste and have indeed collaborated to progress the growing requirements of the City and the Emirates Commenting during the handover John Colley, Chairman of Intercare said:

“We are delighted with this partnership – and indeed the dedicated team at Sharjah Municipality for the exceptional service they provide in keeping the city clean. Intercare is proud to deliver its unstinting support in all the Municipality’s requirements in this area. In particular, we were thrilled to see the dedication shown by the Sharjah Municipality, under the guidance of HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi,  and in manifesting its confidence in our team in Sharjah – and in its own City.”