New Dulevo Machines to Dubai Municipality

INTERCARE is proud to announce that we have recently delivered 4 Nos. of Dulevo Sweeper 5000 Veloce to Dubai Municipality

Unique Features on 5000 Veloce
  • World’s only industrial, street sweeper and leaf sucker capable of combining maneuverability, economy, serviceability with a superior sweeping performance.
  • The street sweeper and leaf sucker Dulevo 5000 Veloce is so versatile that it can be used to sweep streets, freeways, highways, fruit and vegetable markets or grain terminals easily and efficiently. Thanks to its speed it can be easily moved to different places avoiding any loss of time.
  • Dulevo street sweeper 5000 Veloce can be optioned with the unique Gore® dust filter which is PM10 compliant and offers the best dust control system available on the global market.