AC 300


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AC300 is a concentrated, water based water repellent for brick and terracotta surfaces. Multifunctional, product can be used in various situations from pre treatment of problematic material saving time on job site for surface cleanups, or applied to materials subject to rising humidity, or for traditional water repellent applications. High penetration, product guarantees an effective, long lasting protection, even after washing surfaces with acidic based substances. Low odour, product does not change or alter the natural aspect of the material.

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Dilute product as indicated. Apply product in an abundant, uniform manner to clean surfaces. (note: product is compatible with humid surfaces) Dilution: dilute product using a ratio of 1:1 on compact materials. For absorbent materials dilute 1:3 with water. Apply uniformly by brush or spray. Remove any excess residues by clean cloth or buffer and allow surface to dry for 4-6 hours. If necessary, product can be used in conjunction with other surface finishes from Faber range. Pre treatment: before fixing or setting the material, apply product by spray, brush or immersion. Remove product excess by cloth and allow surface to dry. After 24 hrs proceed to fix treated material. Industrial inline applications: Apply product within the production line by immersion or by spray. On compact non porous materials, application can be carried out by roller or by sponge.  

Aspect milky liquid
colour - odour White - Typical
ph (5% in water) 4,5 - 6
Specific gravity (20°) 995 +/- 10 gr./Lt
flash point not flammable

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