ِArka 25 Trolley

Product reference number: 0022LP1285A

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet ARKA 25 plastic trolley 28 ltrs certified "Plastic Second Life" (PSV) made of one frame with wheels Ø 80 mm with bumpers, U- shaped push-bar, PUNTO wringer with roll, 28-litre bucket with division plate, handle with reinforcements, 1x100 Ltrs bag holder with reinforcements and cover, bag support, bucket support complete with supports, 2x 4 Ltrs buckets, basket/bucket holder with supports, paperholder with cover and 3 hooks, plastic bags holder, holder for window squeegee-washer-scraper, plastic hook for dust pan and "Flip" handle holder

Applications Multipurpose trolley, ideal for medium-big areas where dusting, waste collection, floor mopping and cleaning of surfaces are required.

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* Frame made of recycled "Plastic Second Life" polypropylene colpolymer material
* Compact, modular and click-in easy to assemble (total screwless)
* Made of a solid shock-proof plastic structure and perfectly balanced even when full loaded.
* Drawing "slippery floor" on both sides of the frame
* 1x100-litre bagholder complete with bag-stretcher, cover and a plastic bag support fixed to the base of the frame for particularly
heavy bags
* Push-bar with reinforcements to handle better the trolley also on uneven floors
* Wringer with roll and without bottom which allows to rinse and wring the flat mop head directly inside the wringer into the bucket,
reducing costs, working time and unpleasant dripping onto the floor. Mostly used with microfibre flat mop heads (short looped).
* 28-litre bucket with divider which guarantees a professional wet mopping system thanks to the possibility to separate the chemical
solution from rinsing/dirty water with consequent better cleaning results and hygiene, highly reducing cross-contamination, saving
water, cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operator
* Click-in screwless bucket support "Plastic Second Life" complete with 2x4 Ltrs buckets (PSV), one hook and one Flip handle
support with rubber roll fitting any kind of handle
* Both with a bucket holder and a basket holder where two more 4-litre buckets or a carry basket can be placed (a carry basket with
bottle holder ref. 3690U)
* Its "Plastic Second Life" frame can be equipped with 2 axial wheels Ø 200 mm which make easier the handle of the trolley on
uneven floors

Capacity (ltrs) (lt.) 28
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 107 x 65 x 111
Brut weight (Kg) 14,958
Net weight (Kg) 13,283
Pcs per box 1 pc per box
Box volume 0,211

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