Automatic self cleaning toilets

An automatic self cleaning toilet is a contemporary,  hygienic and uncompromising solution the public areas

Features & Specs


An automatic self cleaning toilet is a contemporary, hygienic and uncompromising solution the public areas. So this is a long-term investment for the operator. Apart from the savings of the monthly staff costs for the cleaning crew there is the revenue of the usage. Thanks to that the automatic toilet is paid off within 2 – 3 years. The cities and communities that have purchased automatic toilets in the past are convinced of the concept and are upgrading with additional new systems.

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The Cleaning Container consists of: - Drive Assembly Lombardini - Diesel Engine 81HP - Diesel Tank 110l - Sound Protection Hood 59 decibel - High-pressure pump 50l/min. 200bar - Power Generator 10 kVA Synchron Generator - Oil Monitoring (low and overvoltage) - Unit with hydraulic hinghed bracket and two 360° rotary nozzles for internal container cleaning - Pneumatic Valve Battery Circuit - One Washing Lance with Hose Reel 10m - Low-Pressure Pump for Feed Water Supply - High Pressure Pump - Compressor for washing head circuit - Two washing brushes 900/2000 mm for external cleaning - Hydraulic System for brush regulation - Fresh Water Tank with filler tube 4200l - Wastewater Tank with grid and drainage port 5000l - Engine Room with lateral door, both sides - Washroom Door with window and supervision - Garbage Room with hatch door, content ca. 13m3 - Washroom with brush, spray nozzle - Locked System - Internal and External Laquering - Length: ca. 6500mm I width: 2500mm I height: 2500mm - Weight complete ca. 4100kg Options: - Vacuum Exhauster Attix 125 performance 3x 1000W - Pipe for Vacuum Exhauster 10m - Water recycling - Hot water plant - Boot coverage

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