Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner UAE Supplier – Intercare . The Backpack Vacuum Cleaner 75-HV model is a lightweight yet sturdy Backpack mounted litter collector c/w a 75mm diameter vacuum unit pwered by a Husqvarna 2- Stroke petrol engine complete with a catalytic convertor.   It is ideal for areas with limited access and is well being suitable … Continue reading Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Features & Specs


The BackPack is a lightweight vacuum litter collector ideal for cleaning restrictive areas where access or terrain is a problem. The Backpack weighs only 10kgs when empty and, coupled with a comfortable yet strong harness, is not only ideal for areas with limited access such as stairways, steps, multi-storey car parks and childrens' play areas but is also ideal for premises with limited storage and indeed for stowing in a vehicle to be easily transported along with other essential kit for park maintenance etc, all machines are built to order. The design of the machine means that no litter passes through an impellor allowing such things as glass to be collected and also reduces blockages etc.                                         See video

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