Blue Jobby Dust Pan

Product reference number: 000010105A

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet Blue JOBBY dustpan with aluminium handle, with ergonomic grip and with cover

Applications Ideal for any kind of environments where dusting and sweeping are required. Thanks to its reduced dimensions it can be set also in small places.

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* Made of shock-proof plastic material. * Equipped with a plastic cover * Equipped with a rubber blade to ensure the best floor contact and make dust collection easier. * Handy: the swivel dustpan with particular T-bar locking facilitates the upright carrying. * Ergonomic plastic grip for a better catch. * Reduced overall dimensions when it is completely closed. * The possibility of setting it upright keeps any rubbish inside during its transportation.

Technical Data

Brut weight (Kg) 5,302
Net weight (Kg) 0,734
Pcs per box 6 pcs per box
Box volume 0,071

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