Brightwell Modular Soap Dispenser

Modular Soap Dispenser

Features & Specs


Modular Soap Dispenser - Liquid, spray, foam soap or gels - this multi-purpose dispenser works with more hand care products than any other on the market, and uses interchangeable pumps to allow perfect dispensing of a variety of products.You can also choose to dispense soap from a refillable reservoir, or fit disposable soap cartridges or pouches. The clever 'arm-lever-free' design reduces SKUs, minimises dirt traps and makes the dispenser much more durable.

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This product can be locked to your product, meaning clients can only use your soap brand when you provide them with our dispensers (more details on request). • Adaptable dispenser, giving you total product flexibility

•New, more durable design offers a long-lasting investment
• Lockable to your products - so clients continually invest in your brand

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