C 100 B

C 100 B Heavy-duty, safe scrubbing machine with disc brush. 100 cm working width

Features & Specs


The C 100 B is provided with two contra-rotating disc brushes and it is suitable for surfaces where best cleaning results are required. It scrubs and dries in a single pass up to 6500 sq m/h. The machine if fitted with a scrubbing head which moves laterally 150 mm to the right for better scrubbing along walls and shelving. If bumped, the brush head moves back automatically and then recovers its normal position. Long operating autonomy is ensured by the large capacity tanks, which can hold 165 litres of solution. With the average water flow, one hour of continuous cleaning is guaranteed. In addition, easy solution tank filling and recovery tank emptying help reduce downtimes between cleaning cycles.

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Squeegee Width (mm) 1240
Working Width (mm) 1000
Power supply V/Traction 36/aut
Solution Tank (L) 265
Recovery Tank (L) 280
Working Width up to (m²/h) 6500
Machine Dimensions (LxHxW) 2040x1900x1120
Weight (Empty Machine) (Kg) 585

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