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COTTOSOLV is a very concentrated, heavy duty alkaline based detergent. Highly recommended for deep thorough cleaning of greasy surfaces in-depth stripping and removing dark marks and oxidations, algae and mould from terracotta tiles. COTTOSOLV reacts with the support increasing the surface resistance to foot traffic, bettering future maintenance.

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Use product diluted. DILUTION: based on the material and degree of dirt residue, dilute from 1:4 to 1:1 in warm water. (on ceramic or polished surfaces dilute 1:10; terracotta or rough surfaces 1:1) Apply directly to the surface and allow a contact time of a few minutes before proceeding to scrub manually or using a scrubber and nylon pad until all residue is dissolved. Add water and remove all residues using a wet vacuum. Rinse until all residue is removed.

Aspect transparent liquid
colour - odour colourless - typical
ph (5% in water) 12,5 - 13,5
Specific gravity (20°) 1120+/-10 g/Lt
flash point not flammable

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