Crane System Speed Lifter

We are setting new standards with this development. We exploited all improvement potential by combing uncompromisingly all our field experience to create the “Speed Lifter”.

Features & Specs


The result is a crane system which is not only better than all the other systems available on the market but also makes your disposal system more time and cost efficient. This system has the goal to be easy on drivers and containers.    

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Overall solution from one single source The product range of Villiger Entosrgungssysteme is wide and deep. So we are able to provide a complete system solutions. The under- and aboveground waste collecting systems as well as the fully automated crane system, a discharge unit and a mobile cleaning device do fully cover the needs of our clients. Good to know: All our products are compatible with conventional crane systems.  

The Cleaning Container consists of - Drive Assembly - Diesel Engine 81HP - Diesel Tank 210l - Sound Protection Hood 63 decibel - High-pressure pump 50l/min. 200bar - Power Generator 10 kVA Synchron Generator - Oil Monitoring (low and overvoltage) - Unit with hydraulic hinghed bracket and 360° rotary nozzle for internal container cleaning - Four rotating washing stars for external cleaning - Pneumatic Valve Battery Circuit - Two Washing Lance with Hose Reel 10m - Low-Pressure Pump for Feed Water Supply - High Pressure Pump - Compressor for washing head circuit -Two washing brush 400/2000 mm for external cleaning - Fresh Water Tank with filler tube 6000l - Wastewater Tank with grid and drainage port 2500l - Engine Room with lateral door - Washroom Door with window - Garbage Room with hatch door, content ca. 12m2 - Washroom with brush, spray nozzle, rotate star - Locked System - Internal and External Laquering   Options - Vacuum Exhauster Attix 125 performance 3x 1000W - Pipe for Vacuum Exhauster 10m - Water recycling - Hot water plant

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