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CRISTALFAB is a water based, ready to use, crystallizer for marble, limestone and travertine surfaces. The products simple and effective results allow it to be use for periodic maintenance of surfaces undergoing intense traffic, therefore maintaining a high glossy/shiny surface. Its low acidic formulation allows the product to be used for long term maintenance without any side effects for the material or causing light coloured marbles to alter their natural aspect. Product works chemically by reacting with the stone, hardening the natural structure, closing the surface pores therefore increasing resistance to general foot traffic and dirt. Product can be used after traditionally honing for the final surface polish or in conjunction with other honing solutions.

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Test on a small area before proceeding, so to ensure product suitability and final result. Apply product to small workable areas at a time. (approx. 1 sqm). Remove all surface debris and previous applied waxes or top coats before applying product. Shake container before use. Spray product over the area to be treated and proceed to buff surface (175 rpm) using a fine steel wool pad. Check gloss regularly and continue until desired gloss is obtained. Remove or sweep up all loose steel fibres.

Aspect  liquid
colour - odour beige - odourless
ph (5% in water) 1.5-2.5
Specific gravity (20°) 1090+/-10 g/Lt
flash point not flammable

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