Dulevo 1100 Futura Sweeper

Dulevo 1100 Futura Sweeper UAE Supplier – Intercare . The Dulevo 1100 FUTURA gives outstanding results in industrial,  commercial and street sweeping. If you have a problem of dust, Dulevo 1100 industrial sweeper is more than a solution. It’s an extraordinary opportunity. Heavy duty rider industrial sweeper designed to work in very dusty environment. It … Continue reading Dulevo 1100 Futura Sweeper

Features & Specs


Pure Power Simply Revolution - 1100 Futura gives outstanding results in industrial and commercial sweeping. Thanks to its ultra compact design and hydraulic system, the 1100 Futura is extremely maneuverable and simple to operate, whilst its modern and attractive styling makes it stand out from the crowd. The all hydraulic system with its total absence of drive belts keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. The direct throw sweeping system, applied to the entire Dulevo sweeper range, is at the heart of the 1100 Futura. Designed to filter the finest dust (down to 3 micron which is 1/5 the diameter of a human hair), the Dulevo filter system ensures this is the ideal machine for those industrial environments with a high concentration of fine dust particles.

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Model 1100 EH 1100 DL 1100 SV
Version Battery Diesel Petrol
Sweeping width :
Main brush 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm
W. right side brush 1.140 mm 1.140 mm 1.140 mm
W. right and left side brush 1.440 mm 1.440 mm 1.440 mm
Filter surface 6 m² 6 m² 6 m²
Hopper capacity 140 L 140 L 140 L
High dump 1.340 mm 1.340 mm 1.340 mm
Operating speed 0-8 Km/h 0-8 Km/h 0-8 Km/h

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