Dulevo 200 Quattro Sweeper

The Dulevo 200 Quattro is a medium-size sweeper ideal for the cleaning of large areas within the heavy industry and public authorities. It can cope with the most difficult tasks and weather conditions, whilst protecting the environment images

Features & Specs
  • Dulevo 200 quattro is a unique machine in its field,  the combination of the best features of various collection systems results in optimum sweeping performance.
  • Dulevo 200 Quattro industrial and street sweeper is one of the world's first mid-sized street sweepers to offer a unique combination of compact mechanical and suction technologies.
  • The Dulevo 200 Quattro is compact, quite comfortable, attractive and easy to drive. It sets new standards of driver comfort with the latest in sound suppression inside the cabin.
  • The Dulevo 200 Quattro is designed to sweep roads as well as factories. It can be used indoors and outdoors wet or dry. Its can be used indifferently in remote cold climates or super hot outback climates.
  • Compact size and tight turning circle make the Dulevo 200 Quattro the ideal machine in any situation where space is limited.
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Version Diesel
Sweeping width
Main brush 1.300 mm
W. right side brush 1.700 mm
W. right and left side brush 2.100 mm
W. front brush 2.100 mm
Filter surface 19 m²
Hopper capacity 2,5 m³
High dump 1.600 mm
Operating speed 0-18 Km/h
Transport speed 0-30 Km/h

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