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FABERCOTTO is a solvent based impregnator for the protection of traditional terracotta tiles. Formu- lated with quality materials, the treatment protects the surface from water and oil based substances, without changing or altering the natural aspect of the stone material. Treatment penetrates into the surface  pores  without leaving any type of surface  film or coating,  allowing the material to breathe. Highly recommended as pre treatment on problematic materials, blocking any rising humidity and consequent appearance of salts.  

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Product ready to use. Apply product in an uniform manner to dry and clean surfaces. Apply by brush, lamb’s wool applicator or low pressured spray to area. Remove any excess residues by clean cloth and allow surface to dry for 4-6 hours. If necessary apply a second coat 2-3 hours between applications to extreme porous materials.

Aspect trasparent liquid
colour - odour colourless -solvent acetate
ph (5% in water) n/a
Specific gravity (20°) 890 +/- 10 gr./Lt
flash point 23°c open vase

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