GL 88


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GL 88 is a glue made  of a mix of polyester resins. It is specially used  for gluing and filling of all types of marble, granite and natural stones. Its use is recommended to resin, consolidation and grouting of slabs. The system hardens perfectly at a room temperature and at 20-25° C.

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Extract the suitable quantity of glue with clean tools and add 3 gr. of hardener every 100 gr. of product following the mixing instructions and mixing well the two components. Make sure that the surfaces to glue are perfectly dry and clean, then apply GL 88 on the surface, considering that the glue takes about 20 minutes to harden. Hardening time is shorter with temperatures over 20°C and increases with lower temperatures. Do not store the hardened glue that has not been used into the tin, in order to avoid that the whole content of the tin deteriorates.  

Aspect fluid / solid
colour - odour colourles - organic solvent
ph (5% in water) n/a
Specific gravity (20°) 1,1÷1,2 gr/ml
flash point n/a

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