Grey Mop Holder

Product reference number:5359U

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet Frame 30 cm with strips 2,5 cm for velcro system without foam sole and without handle, with Lock System

Applications Velcro frame used together with the specific ultra-microfiber mop head for the cleaning of vertical smooth surfaces like interior windows, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, laquered surfaces, painted doors, etc...

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* Made of recyclable polypropylene, light and easy to clean. Used also for cleaning walls, ceilings and tread-boards. * Its universal screw (ring nut) allows to use any kind of handle with a diameter between 20 and 24 mm * Its articulated joint allows a 360° performance * Larger strips 2,5 cm for velcro system which assure a better adherence of the mop to the tool and consequently better results during the cleaning operations * Replaceable ABS strips for velcro system (available also as spare parts) * The "Lock System" improves the cleaning of walls, ceilings and floors assuring the utmost adherence of the cleaning tool to the surface. It can be switched on and off by simply pushing up or down its small lever (locking device) with one's foot, without the use of one's hands and without bending any more. * Slim design created for the Brilliant system with the specific ultra-microfiber mop head 30 cm ref. 0000PN02016 * Available in the size 30 cm and 40 cm

Technical Data

Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 30 x 8
Brut weight (Kg) 4,722
Net weight (Kg) 0,214
Pcs per box 20 pcs per box
Box volume 0,028

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