Grey Plastic Dust Pan

Product reference number: 0000PA01020U

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet Grey plastic dust pan with hand-grip and rubber blade

Applications Ideal for dust collection

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* It is made in polypropylene copolimere and consequently it is recyclabe * It is complete with a rubber lip which adheres perfectly to the floor and makes it easier the dust collection, even the finest one. * It is more capacious than the traditional ones. * It is closed on the top that enables the operator to carry the rubbish without spilling it. * It is complete with a grip * It has a hole on the grip which enables to hang it on the trolleys.

Technical Data

Brut weight (Kg) 2,666
Net weight (Kg) 0,154
Pcs per box 12 pcs per box
Box volume 0,056

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