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HIDRO 100 is a water based impregnator for the protection  of polished and finely honed  marble, gra- nite and natural stone  surfaces. Specific ecological formulation, the treatment protects the material from water and oil based substances, without changing or altering the natural aspect of the stone material. Long lasting treatment, product penetrates into the surface pores allowing the stone to breathe. Compatible on humid or damp surfaces, therefore saving time during application process.

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Product ready to use. Apply product in an uniform manner to dry and clean surfaces.   Apply uniformly by brush, roller or spray. After 5-10 minutes, remove any excess residues by clean cloth or buffer and allow surface to dry for 6 hours. Small areas can be buffed manually to remove excess product. Resume normal use of treated surface after surface is completely dry.   Industrial inline applications: Apply product within the production line by spray, roller or other uniformly to tile surface. Remove product residues mechanically by nylon felt pad after estimating the correct drying time based on production line. Once removed, material can proceed to be packed. (before proceeding with application,  test material first as several variables can be present that influence product application)

Aspect milky liquid
colour - odour white - odourless
ph (5% in water) 6,5 - 7,5
Specific gravity (20°) 995 +/-5 gr/lt
flash point not flammable

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