Intercare Bactiprotection

The wet wipe can be used for hand disinfection and to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Features & Specs


The wipe itself consists of a nonwoven material, spun from a special blend of both natural and synthetic fibers. The wipe is free from other chemical additives beside the disinfection liquid and has a high wear and tear resistance with a soft and gentle feel.

The liquid in the wet wipes is a completely water based disinfection liquid that contain; modified cationic polymer, biguanide (<1%) and surfactant (<5%). The wet wipes are active against a broad spectrum range of microorganisms. The liquid in the wipes has complied with a number of European standard norms for tests with disinfection solutions and antiseptics (see Table).

·   For environments with high requirement regarding hygiene and cleanliness.

·  Cleaning, disinfection and residual effect, for up to  14 days.


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The liquid in the wet wipes is used for hand disinfection and treating different surfaces and provide three effects:

  1. An initial disinfection of the surface.
  2. Cleaning and an even distribution of the liquid over the surface.
  3. A protective long-term effect.

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