Intercare Blue Line – CT230 BT100R Sweeper

The CT230 BT100R Rider scrubber is designed for commercial and warehouse cleaning applications. It utilizes our Genius technology to make it the easiest to use rider on the market 2013%2f08%2f29%2f86%2fyoutubelogo-3ffc3

Features & Specs
  • 40 inch Scrubbing paths
  • 47 inch Sweeping width, with included 2-Side Brushes/Brooms.
  • 50 inch Squeegee Suction width
  • Pre-Sweep Two Brooms / Brushes System Standard
  • 54-Gallon solution tank capacity
  • 59-Gallon recovery tank capacity
  • Two Cylindrical Scrub Brushes
  • 720 RPM Brush Speed
  • 1.75 HP (1300 Watt) Brush Motor Power
  • Ultra-dry squeegee system
  • 956 Watt 3-Stage Vacuum Motor
  • Traction Drive 1100 Watt Motor
  • Automatic Brush Connection
  • Squeegee lift automatically in reverse
  • Controlled solution flow
  • Three programmable modes
  • Flashing Safety Beacon Light
  • Alarm sound in Reverse
  • LCD Display
  • Self-leveling brush system
  • 36 Volt Power System
See All Features CT230BT100R-CD IPC Eagle Power, Ride-On Cylindrical Scrubber Sweeper with Two Pre-Sweep Side Brushes/Brooms. 47 inch Total Sweeping path with the two side brooms/brushes, 40 inch Scrubbing width, Scrub and Sweep the floors in one pass, 59 Gallon Recovery Tank, 54 Gallon Solution Tank, Battery Powered, Equipped with Chem-Dose Automatic Detergent Mixing System. Includes: Charger 36Volt, 6Volt 325Ahr Batteries 6-Each, Chem-Dose Kit, Cylindrical Nylon Brushes and Side Brooms 2-Each, Squeegee Assembly, Operating Manual and Parts List. See All Specs


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