Intercare Blueline Professional IC 101

IC 101 is the ideal every day vacuum cleaner for facility managers cleaning offices,hospitals and schools. Excellent suction power and the ability to work long hours at a me, make it the First Choice for the cleaning professional.

Features & Specs
  •  Cleaning Contractors
  • Education Facilities
  • Recreation - Venue and Entertainment Solutions
  • Restaurant/Clubs - Food and Beverage
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Retail & Grocery
  • Transportation - Airport/Parking/Public Transit
  • Industrial Logistics: Warehouse & Manufacturing
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This rigorously tested heavy duty motor has proven its durability. The finest available dry vacuum cleaner today. Meeting its customers’ rigorous requirements: An Affordable Quality Product. Intercare, after much research with its industrial partners, has developed exactly the products required. Silent, Compact, Lightweight, Robust and easy to carry, and it is the ideal machine for cleaning hotels, offices, hospitals and schools. Exceptional suction power and the ability to work long hours at a time, make it the first Choice for the cleaning expert.

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  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Vacuuming.
  • With Single-stage Motor.
  • Shockproof Polypropylene Tank, Resistant To Wear And Easy To Clean.
  • Trolley For Small Surfaces.
  • Head With Anti Foam System.
  • Suitable For All Uses.

Motor 1000 W max thru flow (double insulated)
Voltage 220/240
Cycles 50 Hz
Airflow 140 m3/hr (39 Litres/sec)
Water Column 1800 mm
Noise Level 64 db
Total Tank Capacity 15 litres
Suction Hose 2.2 metres long
Weight (without Accessories) 9 Kg.
Body Hood: ABS plasticBody: Stainless Steel
Supply Cable 8.5 metres
Carbon Motor Brush Life 1000 hours (brushes easily replaced)
No. of Wheels 4 omni directional double track (easily replaced)
Filter Molleton (ca. 3 micron)
Dust Bag Disposable PaperDust Bag Standard
Dust Bag Cotton ReusableDust Bag (Option)

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