Intercare Disinfection Tunnel

Intercare Disinfection Tunnel is an easy, innovative, cost effective and required sterilizing solution for all public & private facilities (hospitals, airports, government buildings, hotels, schools & education centers, malls, commercial centers, parks, corporate buildings, construction sites, factories, restaurants, places of worship, villas, etc ..).

Features & Specs

> Size (mm)- 2200 (height) x 1200 (width) x 1000 (depth) (customizable)
> Frame- Ms powder coated steel sections
> Outer Cladding- 1.5mm powder coated MS sheets
> Inner Cladding- Powder coated Aluminum sheets
> Flooring- Rubberized Mat/Anti-Fatigue
> Sensor- Customizable motion sensor
> Tank capacity- 25 Liters (customizable up to 100 Liters)
> Chemical Disinfectant- Approved chemical by the governing authorities
> Spray duration (sec)- 2 (customizable up to 100 seconds)
> Power- 45-60W 220/240V 50Hz
> Dosage- 20ml (customizable up to 200ml)
> Weight (KGs)- 260
> Nozzle Single row – Nickel Plated Mist Nozzles 10 nos (customizable)
> Pipe- Stainless steel 316 corrosion resistant pipes
> Pump Pressure- 70-140 Bar
> Color- Standard RAL colors
> Mounting- Floor anchored / optional castors
> Branding- Upon request
> Delivery- 2-5 days of the confirmed order date

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Intercare disinfectant walkway gate is designed to spray sanitizing solution all over the body – preventing transfer of viruses through surface contact, providing complete effectiveness against the viruses as the disinfectant is approved by the governing authorities and ensuring safe and germ-free environment at facilities, communities, buildings, camps, and other premises.

Related Resources

> Lowest power consumption. The tunnel requires just 45-60W of electricity, which is less than a hairdryer.
> Lowest consumption of the disinfectant solution (20-25 ml/dose).
> 100% harmless disinfectant. The mixture of concentrate and water has a pH-value of 7. The pH-value of clean drinking water is between 7 and 8.5.
> Ingenious high-pressure pump. With 70-140 Bar it generates considerably more pressure than the common 2-3 Bar
high-pressure pumps on the market. As a result, much smaller droplets and finer mist are made, which can
disinfect a larger area in less time.
> Maintenance without an expert. The individual nozzles can be easily unscrewed, cleaned or replaced by hand.
> Designed to last. The pump is specially designed for a continuous cycle. Besides, the disinfectant is mixed
only inside the pump and therefore lasts longer.

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