Intercare SprayCannon

The SprayCannon was designed and manufactured by MB Dustcontrol BV to control dust and fine dust in industrial environments. The machine was made in accordance with the current European standards in order to guarantee its safety

Features & Specs


The mechanism consists of binding dust particles with droplets of water (fog) sprayed from the SprayCannon. The water droplets weigh down the dust particles, which fall more quickly to the ground through gravity.

Make sure the operator studies the user manual carefully before using the fog cannon for the first time.

The user manual is best read while standing next to the machine. This enables you to better understand the machine, the way it works and how you can prevent injuries.

It is very important that the machine is set up correctly. The machine works best with the right supply of water and power (the specifications can be found in the corresponding chapters) and when placed downwind.

It is very important to use bacteria-free water at all times, and to ensure that the machine and the water supply are kept free from legionella bacteria. MB Dustcontrol BV is not liable for any damage/infections that arise from the use of contaminated equipment and/or water.

Because the machine is powered by electricity and uses a booster pump to increase the water pressure, the operator must be aware of the associated hazards and observe the applicable safety and protection measures.

Related Resources

1. The SprayCannon must be operated by qualified staff.
2. Operators must be familiar with the safety and operating procedures.
3. Operators should be able to solve problems themselves.
4. This user manual must always be readily accessible. Operators must be familiar with its structure and be able to reference it.
5. The user manual must be kept near the machine ready for use each time the machine is started and operated.
6. Make sure the machine is well secured during transport.
7. Pay particular care when operating a machine that is not fitted with supports or wheels.
8. The machine must be properly anchored before each use.
9. Electrical components must be connected by a certified electrician.
10. It is strictly forbidden to move the machine when it is in use or when it is connected to a power outlet or water source.
11. The electricity box must never be opened when the machine is in use.
12. Be careful when touching hoses or other material that is under pressure.
13. Make sure the cables and hoses are always in good condition.
14. Make sure the cables and hoses have enough room to move so they can rotate freely.
15. Make sure the machine can rotate freely.
16. Use suitable warning signals, lighting and safety fences for the machine, cables and hoses.
17. Always wear the appropriate protective clothing when operating the machine.
18. Never stand in the path of the flow of air or fog.
19. Be particularly careful when the machine is used under special terrain, environmental or weather conditions.
20. Always apply local safety measures.
21. MB Dustcontrol BV is not liable for any damage that is caused from using a power unit (generator) that is not earthed.
22. Never touch parts that are live. Doing so can result in a fatal electrical shock or serious burns.
23. Never touch the cables when the machine is switched on.
24. The machine must always be switched off during cleaning and maintenance work.
25. If the machine is connected to a generator, both the machine and the generator must be switched off during refuelling. Do not smoke during refuelling.
26. Use earplugs/ear flaps against excessive noise when the machine is used in closed spaces.
27. Always use drinking water

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