Micro-Activa Microfiber

Product reference number: 0000PN03012

Features & Specs


Product Datasheet MICRO-ACTIVA blue microfibre mop 40 cm with white backing for velcro system with colour coded label (blue, red, yellow, green) fitting all velcro supported frames

Applications Ideal for mopping smooth floors in case of middle low dirt Suggested for cleaning inside floors (hotels, houses, offices, hospitals etc.) To be used for dusting, mopping (damp or wet) and floor waxing It is used with frames with velcro support without need of foam padding, which can harbor bacteria or disintegrate. Much more safe for healthcare use.

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Advantages of this microfibre mop head: * It removes easily the dirt without friction on the floor - high absorbing capacity * Thanks to a particular twisting process, this twisted yarn keeps its shape even after many washing cycles with low linting * It leaves no mark or trace thanks to the particular structure of the fibers, * It dries quickly without unpleasant smells, * Less solution needed thanks to its yarn composition * Available in 40 cm and 60 cm * No latex

Technical Data

Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 12 x 40
Brut weight (Kg) 1,985
Pcs per box 25 pcs per box
Box volume 0,015

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