P 147


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P 147 is a solvent based, “wet look” impregnator for natural stone in general. The formulation provides excellent water/oil repellency while increasing the natural colour of the stone surface without changing or altering the clarity of the stone pattern. Product can be applied to compact materials without leaving any film or greasy effect to the stone. Treatment allows the material to breath, non yellowing and UV resistant.

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Product ready to use. Apply product in an uniform manner to clean and dry surfaces. Apply uniformly by brush, sponge or spray. On very absorbent materials, apply a second coat, 30 min. between applications. Allow product to dry for approximately 10 min. before proceeding to remove all product excess by clean cloth or buffer using a felt pad. Once removed allow surface to dry for 6 hours. Resume normal use of treated surface after surface is completely dry.

colour - odour COLOURLESS - SOLVENT
ph (5% in water) NR
Specific gravity (20°) 845 +/- 15 G/LT
flash point 30 ° C OPEN VASE

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