PA 10


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PA 10 is a non-toxic, polyurethanic based finish for stone and masonry in general. Product dries to a durable, hard, glossy finish with excellent resistance to abrasion, foot traffic and general wear. Excellent adhesion and water/dirt repellent properties, product consolidates sand/cements joints and delicate stone materials, while enhancing the natural colour of stone surface.

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Dilute only when applying to porcelain stoneware or when using as periodic maintenance on a pre treated surface. First Application: Apply by cloth, mop or lamb’s wool applicator on clean and dry surfaces. Smooth out any uneven product applications and excess. Allow approx 4 hours curing time, before resuming normal use of the treated surface. (if necessary, apply a second coat to the surface after 4 hours from the first.) Maintenance: (the frequency of maintaining floor surfaces depends on amount of foot traffic and surface stress). Dust mop surface and remove surface debris before proceeding. Apply a diluted solution of PA 10 and water (dilution ratio 1:4) by mop or lamb’s wool applicator, applying evenly the product to the area to be maintained. Allow surface to dry for approx 4 hours before resuming normal use of the treated surface.

colour - odour COLOURLESS - TYPICAL
ph (5% in water) 8-9
Specific gravity (20°) 1015 +/- 10 G/LT
flash point NOT FLAMMABLE

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