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The PETman is a huge bottle for the collection of PET and plastic bottles. It has a capacity of 210 litres. You can order matching bags (KBF3-84) to keep the inside of the bottle clean. This is the perfect solution for use at large venue locations: festivals, theme parks, stadiums, theatres, cinemas, schools, sportclubs, etc. Around the bottle is a wrapper, that you can order separatly (WIKKEL-PM). It is also possible to personalize it. For a minimum order of 15 pieces, the PETman can be ordered in different colours. The PETman is made of durable opaque plastic.

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Collection of (PET) bottles
The PETman offers you the opportunity to collect PET and plastic bottles in a fun and attractive way.
The PETman is the perfect solution for events such as port clubs, festivals, restaurants, cinemas, theme parks, company restaurants and schools.
With its striking appearance, the PETman steals the show everywhere, persuading people to recycle their bottles.
From a minimum order of 10 pieces, the PETman can be ordered in different colours and your own design on the wrapper.
Matching bags keep the inside clean.
It’s possible to secure the PETman or making it heavier for outdoor use.
Dimensions: height 180 cm, diameter 58 cm.
Capacity: 210 litres.
Article code: PETMAN-colour (please state desired colour).

Item code: PETMAN-OR
Volume (in litre): 210
For collecting: Plastic, Other
Pack. unit: 1
Weight (in kg): 9.76
Minimum quantity details: 1
Pallet stacks: 8
Intrastat code: 94037000
EAN code: 8717624411526

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