Powercare Pro III (T)

Powercare Pro III T UAE Supplier – Intercare is specialized supplier in UAE . Specifically designed for heavy-duty use ,  Intercare introduces its full range of top performance powercare hydro pressure washers units capable of tacking all tough ,  industrial tasks . As a result of their high-tech engineering and excellent workmanship ,  each unit … Continue reading Powercare Pro III (T)

Features & Specs


Cold-water pressure washers provide successful results in part due to the combination of the unit's powerful spray impact and the application of suitable cleaning soaps and chemicals . Every powercare Hydro Pressure Washers is equipped with a quality nozzle to maximize the unit's cleaning potential and double the cleaning impact of the pressure washer .

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Manufactured      in     Italy     with      high-quality      components. power-care"     Hydro    Pressure   Washers   provide     more cleaning   impact  and  are long-lasting.  dependable  and  easy to manoeuvre.  Each unit  runs  quietly  and  smoothly   to constantly   deliver     excellent     results    and     especially   designed    to withstand   long  hours of   heavy-duty  use over a  period of  many years.

Operating Pressure 30/180 bar
Flow Volume 650/1300ltr/h
Maximum Inlet Water  Temp 50 C
Detergent Tank Capacity 5ltr
Rated Power in Watts 8000
Production Code X08504
Cable Length 6Mts
Wt Kg 67kg
Packing LxWxH Cms 77x51x87

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