Small Bin-Side Load Polyethylene Container – 1800 Ltr

Features & Specs


Designed in every detail Each piece is Small.Bin designed and manufactured to exactly meet their function, have chosen the best materials to ensure long life keeping its usability and comfort

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Introducing the new Small.Bin container, which has been designed with two main purposes:·         
*Reducing the surface occupied by the container on the public highway in order to leave streets less obstructed.·       
 *  Lower the height in order to reduce the visual barriers caused by containers when on the street.·
Small.Bin preserves the gentle and organic appearanceforms that defines the Bin range. It is easy to integrateinto any environment with a look that gives it a homely feel, thus creating empathy with the user, involving and motivating them.A container which helps to humanize the city. 

A. Maximum width: 1.880 +/- 10 mm
B. 1.050 mm
C. 1.223 mm (max.)
D. 815 mm
E: 220 mm
F: 478 mm
 G. Width: 1.760 +/- 10
 H. Base width: 1.420 mm
 J: 1000 mm
O. Maximum height: 1474 mm
  small bin -closed

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