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STAR SHINE is a water based polishing cream for maintenance. Its formulation has been studied for the maintenance and restoration of siliceous surfaces usually difficult to polish without using big tools, many working hours and huge quantities of water. Its special formula allows to reach a higher sheen degree than the one that can be reached with a polishing with diamond tools. The product provides the material with an excellent resistance to foot traffic and a special closure against stains that makes the product suitable for the maintenance of big surfaces, thus allowing a very easy maintenance though very effective. The product does not contain waxes, but acts both by chemical and by mechanical reaction by reacting directly on the material. Enhances the brightness and restores the original colour of the material, should it be partially worn out.

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Proceed by small surface portions of approx 2 sqm each and shake well before use. Put the quantity recommended here below on the area to be treated and work with concentric movements with a floor machine and white pad. Work until dry prolonging the movement with the floor machine to remove any possible residue. Do not allow the product to dry while polishing. Repeat the application in order to achieve a higher brightness degree or superficial closure. The product does not give any superposition defects, therefore once the maximum of brightness has been achieved, no difference can be remarked between two areas polished separately. After polishing the surface, rinse well with water and vacuum up the superficial residues.

Aspect Cream
colour - odour White - Odourless
ph (5% in water) 3.5 ± 0.5
Specific gravity (20°) 1.2 GR ./CC
flash point NOT FLAMMABLE

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