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TILE CREAM is a water based, honing cream. Specific for the restoration of ceramic and porcelain stoneware materials where normally particular machinery, long hours and water are required. Product renews dull and consumed surfaces, scratches and abrasions. Application unifies and sharpens surface aspect, while increasing surface gloss matching results obtained by traditional diamond honing in only a few passes. Product works chemically and mechanically by reacting with the material hardening the natural structure of the stone, closing the surface pores therefore increasing resistance to general foot traffic and surface dirt.

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Test on a small area before proceeding, so to ensure product suitability and final result. Apply product to small workable areas at a time. (approx. 2 sqm). Remove all surface debris and previous applied waxes or top coats before applying product. Shake container before use. Apply product over the area to be treated and add water so to maintain a creamy/pasty mixture. Proceed to buff surface (175 rpm) using a white nylon pad, making sure that the mixture does not dry out. If necessary add water to the mixture. Check gloss regularly and continue until desired gloss is obtained. Remove all product residue with clean water and squeegee or wet vacuum. Rinse surface. Note: on extreme honed or consumed surfaces, apply 20/30 gr. of product per sqm and buff with at least 20 passes. Maintenance: on material with extreme foot traffic, maintain surface with 10/20 gr. of product per sqm and buff with at least 15 passes. For traditional spray buffing maintenance proceed to use “Neutral Crystallizer” as directed.

Aspect Cream
colour - odour White - Odourless
ph (5% in water) 7-8
Specific gravity (20°) NR
flash point NOT FLAMMABLE

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