From today you can say goodbye to the traditional mop and bucket, thanks to the upright scrubber dryer Willmop 50 you will improve the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning operations.

Features & Specs
See All Features Willmop 50 - an ergonomically designed system to allow for maximum control with minimum effort. Personnel can easily and safely operate the machine with one hand without any loss of performance or unnecessary strain on the user. The elastic joint, designed and patented by TSM, not only allows for otherwise strenuous bending of the handle and a complete 360° turning arc, but also offers great support of its own weight which makes willmop 50 extremely light and manoeuvrable during use. See All Specs


This vertical scrubber dryer which runs on a lithium battery with fast charge, brings together the high performance of an industrial scrubber dryer with the mobility and flexibility of a floor mop, allowing the user to clean over 2.100 m²/h. Thanks to its innovative elastic joint between the handle and the washing unit, the Willmop 50 guarantees zero effort for the operator during all cleaning tasks, as it is the joint itself that supports all the weight.

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  • Life time UV source -
  • ECORAY® system power -
  • Brushes size 2 x 250 mm
  • Brush rpm 350 rpm
  • Brushes pressure 25 kg
  • Brush motor power 2 x 200 W
  • Squeegee width 600 mm
  • Water lift 890 mm H2O
  • Vacuum motor power (stages) 280 W
  • Total power 680 W
  • Battery charger 5/8 (100-240) A/h (V)
  • Max battery capacity (DIN) 21/29 (Litio-ion) Ah/1
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 600x580x1180
  • Weight with battery and water 35 Kg

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