Supply 400 Units of Smart Bins

Intercare Ltd, is proud to announce that it has supplied 400 Units of Mr.Fill’s Solar Powered Compacting Smart Bins to Dulsco for Expo Dubai.

Some of the salient features of the Smart Bins are :
• The bin has a compacting force of 600 kg.
• Regardless of the type of waste, this can compact at least 5 times more capacity.
• Fewer C02 emissions,
• 75% cost saving against the normal bin
• A compaction ratio ranging from one fifth to one seventh of its size.
• A personalized display that encourages the public to throw their rubbish in the bin.
• It can also indicate the bin’s fill level & advertisement logo.
• Equipped with 24/7 LED lighting, the bins are easily noticeable in the dark.

Our thanks to Dulsco – Official Partner of Expo Dubai & Simfoni.