From the Chairman’s Desk

As the proud founding member of Intercare Limited, one of the pioneering companies in institutional cleaning and sanitation products and services with an illustrious track record, I can proudly say that we have developed an organizational culture that’s underpinned by a commitment to delivering sustainable methods and a safer environment. Established in 1969 in the Levant region, over the last half a century, Intercare has expanded into the GCC countries, Egypt and Morocco, with a portfolio of its own brands and major global brands of hygiene, Floor Care, and Waste Care products and solutions.

At Intercare, our aim is to achieve and maintain leadership in our business by manufacturing and providing products and services that create economically viable communities. The company is committed to accomplishing this by aligning commercial success with environmental and social responsibility.

Looking forward, we strive to continue improving our products, services, and efficiency in terms of technology and processes. Currently, all our efforts are focused on developing a new-generation range of products, and efficient manufacturing capabilities that facilitate high-quality production and cost-effectiveness.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Intercare ensures that highly skilled, high-caliber professionals manage the functioning of the organization, while dedicated and thoroughly trained staff undertakes the services provided to the end-users. The corporate infrastructure has evolved to flawlessly look after the interests of all the stakeholders at Intercare and I am greatly indebted to our Managing Director, Management Colleagues, Group members, Employees, Customers, and Suppliers, for their commitment and support which enables us to deliver undoubtedly the best in the industry.



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