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Washroom Hygiene Solutions

Explore Our Touch Free
Washroom Hygiene Solutions

Washroom Hygiene

Intercare Limited specializes in a comprehensive range of Washroom Hygiene Products and Hygiene Rental Services, available at wholesale prices, to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. From Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers, Automatic Soap Dispensers to Air Freshener Dispensers and Refill Services, we offer the best-in-class solutions to enhance washroom hygiene with smart hygiene services.

Our professional Washroom Hygiene Services cover everything from Feminine Hygiene Bin Service to Towel Master Services, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for all. We also provide Sanitary Bin Collection Services, Nappy and Sanitary Pad Vending Machines, Hand Soap Dispensers Services, Hand Towel Tissue Dispensers Services, Tissue Dispensers Services, Sensor Dispensers Services, Foam Hand Wash Dispenser Services, and Automatic Soap Dispensers Services.

With our commercial Washroom Hygiene Services, we cater to businesses of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, we offer Vending Machine Services, Toilet Seat Sanitizer Services, Auto Sanitizer Services, and Air Diffuser Services, further enhancing the hygiene standards in washrooms across the UAE.

Trust Intercare Limited as your reliable partner for Washroom Hygiene Solutions and Air Freshener Services. Contact us today to experience excellence in washroom hygiene services and products.


Air Freshener - Dispensers & Refill Services

The air fresheners that come from air care need to protect the air from bad odor.

We offer an extensive range of customized fragrances and Free Air Freshener Dispensers for the period of the service. The recurring service along with the installation and maintenance includes the support of the dedicated and highly trained team that provides Monthly, Bi-monthly Air Freshener Refill and Dispenser Battery Change services.

The system-generated schedule of the service doesn’t require reminders and no hassle of follow-up or missing the service schedule. Moreover, the fragrances are 100% eco-friendly and food-grade.


Hand Soap/Sanitizer – Dispenser & Refill Services

The service includes a Free supply of Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers to the clients on the contractual term of buying the Refill from Intercare. The service team supplies the refills within 48 hours of the request and stocks a wide range of premium quality Soap & Sanitizer Refills (Liquid Soap, Foaming Soap, and Sanitizer) products of Intercare’s own brands and brands sourced from around the world.

Refills packaging comes in Jerry Cans, Disposable Cartridges, and Pouches.


Cotton and Paper Towel – Dispenser & Refill Services

Cotton Towel Services: The distinctive Cotton Towel service comes with many features, including a no-spillage, eco-friendly, and sustainable hand wiping towel option. The cleaning process that’s extremely stringent as per superior hygiene standards.

As an environmentally aware business organization, we incessantly consider the impact of its business on society and the environment and hence focus primarily on employing green and sustainable methods. The Group makes it an obligatory goal to maintain an ecological balance between conservation and waste management in all the endeavors it undertakes.

Paper Towel Service: Quite like the dedicated Soap Master Service, this service provides the clients with a Free Hand Paper Dispenser on a contractual term to buy Papers Refill from Intercare. The service team visits the sites as per schedule, to examine the dispensers, battery changes, or any other technical assistance. In addition, we stock a wide range of paper products of different sizes, packaging, and material.


Toilet Sanitizer Service

The Auto Sanitizer Dispenser is a very effective solution for keeping toilets and urinals clean, hygienic, and presentable. It protects users from coming into contact with harmful bacteria and eliminates bad odors at the source.

We supply refills as per the monthly schedule and Free Toilet Sanitizer Dispensers for the period of the service. The installation and the maintenance are on us.

Use the automatic dispenser and reduce the need for other cleaning products, including toilet cleaner, limescale remover, bleach, deep cleaners, and blocked cleaners.


Sanitary & Nappy Bin Services

Sanitary bin services being one of the most critical services, Intercare deploys especially skilled staff at the client sites for the sanitary bin and nappy bin services. A comprehensive checklist is given to the operators to ensure that flawles


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