Qualicoat And ISO Certified,
Fully Automatic Coating Treatment Unit

Qualicoat And ISO Certified,
Fully Automatic Coating Treatment Unit

Best Powder & Wet Coating Services In UAE

Once again, the organization’s pioneering spirit created a demand for this product. Hitherto regarded only as alternative protection to anodized aluminum, Polyester Powder Paint as an Architectural Finish, was launched in the GCC market by Intercare in 1983.

At Intercare Powder & Wet Coating, all facilities in the manufacturing process are aimed to provide quality products that meet customer requirements which are spread out over 40,000 sq. ft.

The division holds a Qualicoat certificate for surface treatment of Aluminium Alloy awarded by QMEA (Quali Middle East Association) and has the capacity to meet the market’s demand. The machines in use for coatings have been sourced from reputed European manufacturers and are compliant with British and ASTM standards.

In the wet coating works, the facility is capable of wet coating, mild steel, and wooden surfaces of any size and style, including decorative coating and anti-corrosion wet coating.

Additionally, the unit and its processes are certified to deliver superior quality coatings by the world’s leading powder manufacturer brands such as Jotun, Akzo Nobel, and Axalta only after qualifying through a stringent auditing process.




HIGH-PERFORMANCE POWDER COATINGS – applied as a dry powder through an electro-static process on any metallic surface (most particularly aluminum) then cured with heat. Warranty range from 10 to 20 years.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIQUID COATINGS – for painting high-end niche products using polyvinyl di-fluoride (PVDF) with a warranty of 25 years. Latest Paint Technologies are coming into play, and Intercare Ltd maintains a constant update on upgrading its facilities as well as is conscious of the requirements of the market.

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