Advanced & High Efficacy Floorcare Machines

Advanced & High Efficacy Floorcare Machines


For over three decades, Intercare has been a leading provider of hygiene products and services in the Middle East.The extensive range of products and services the enterprise offers are sustainable and environment-friendly, using fewer natural resources to clean the floors than conventional cleaning methods.

The division’s inventory is complemented by, an entire family of the latest Automatic and robotic Scrubber-Dryers, Chewing Gum Remover machines, Escalator Cleaners, and Sweepers, with basic to advanced features.

In addition to that, the division has a vast portfolio of Janitorial Products sourced from reputed European manufacturers to offer maximum durability.

Deeply committed to the customers, the company consistently delivers unblemished service and a prompt and focused After Sales Support Program undertaken by highly trained and skilled staff supported by a dedicated On-site workshop.

Floorcare Machines - Post Sales Services

Intercare Ltd is constantly striving to ensure that our products and machines deliver the best and uninterrupted service to our customers. The division was incepted in 2004, and equipped with all the necessary tools, accessories, and skilled manpower. It is spread out over a 5000 sq. ft. area with a customized parking bay for a minimum of 20 large machines/sweepers.


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