Washroom Hygiene


Intercare Washroom Hygiene 

The oldest – and perhaps best known – of the Intercare Group’s activities is its field of Washroom Hygiene Products. Active in the Middle East since 1969.. , the Group opened branches and joint ventures initially in the Levant,  and thereafter throughout the whole of the Arabian Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. A pioneer in the field of Hygiene Services, the Company made a commitment to remain in the area for years to come. This was no mean endeavor, but today, 45 years on, the Company continues to supply an expanding clientele, with the most groundbreaking products.

From Electronic Towel Cabinets, water-soluble Paper Products, Warm Air Hair and Hand Dryers, Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensers, Automatic Air Fresheners, Antimicrobial Feminine Hygiene Services, Hands-Free Waste receptacles of all shapes and sizes, the list is endless.

The Intercare Group is poised to launch its TTF (Total Touch-Free) Washroom. The risk of cross-infection from contact with toilet flushes, faucets, and doors in any Public Washroom will be eliminated. The Group already acts as a Consultant and shares this information with Architects, Contractors, and Interior Designers. and is indeed carrying out its first test with one of Dubai’s most prominent outlets.

Constantly aware of The Environment, the Company makes it a goal to maintain an Ecological Balance between conservation and waste. If it saves money, time and the environment – it is not an option.

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