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Intercare Chemicals Ltd

After so many years of trading in the field of Institutional cleaning products,  it became vital to start manufacturing cleaning chemicals in the Gulf. The imported volumes were ever-increasing and the requirements for speedier deliveries were becoming the norm. Further, the Group felt that it should plant deeper roots in the Gulf area,  and demonstrate its confidence for the welcome extended so many years before.

Thus, Intercare Chemicals Ltd. was born with a paid-up capital of $750,000. Initially, producing a range of liquid soaps, the Group today manufactures a series of over 60 Detergent based products through to a category of Disinfectants. Perhaps the pride of the Group, after over 3 years of R & D was the final production in Summer 1996 of an Acrylic Floor Dressing – the only Company in the Middle East Area to have achieved the manufacture of such a complex of polymers and co-polymers.

Having attained these criteria only stimulated the aspirations of the management and staff to further their achievements. Licensed manufacturing for Major World Multinationals ensued and, today, Intercare Chemical’s licensed products are exported throughout the Middle East and North Africa and new joint ventures are being accomplished in the region.

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